The South Carolina Department of Social Services has a duty to protect children. Sadly, they have failed on many occasions. According to records, 76 children who were involved in the system died in 2013. Additional information has recently surfaced which indicates the number is much higher, because state organizations failed to accurately report the deaths of more than 150 children over the past five years. Although representatives are quick to point out that fatalities of children in the system have declined, DSS child neglect still continues. Moreover, these statistics only indicate the number of deaths. There are countless other children suffering DSS child neglect in South Carolina, and families that are torn apart at the hands of a broken system. Clore Law Group fights to protect children and to keep healthy families together when the Department of Social Services fails.

A Broken System

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State agencies are notoriously understaffed and the Department of Social Services routinely uses this as an excuse when children slip through the cracks. However, there is no excuse for DSS child neglect resulting in a child remaining in an unsafe environment, or for removing a child from a home when he or she is not in imminent danger. Although it’s up to the state to provide evidence of abuse, all too often innocent families are divided and pitted against each other. Parents are forced to prove their own innocence when it is clear they did not cause the neglect, and their children are often caught in the crossfire.

Common Cases

We rely on government agencies to do the right thing, especially when kids are involved. Despite the fact that the Department of Social Services has multiple checks in place, things can still go wrong at several junctions due to improper handling of the case by various departments within the system. If any branch fails in its duty, or fails to keep the ball rolling, children and families suffer.  Some of the most common DSS child neglect cases brought against the state involve:

  • Wrongful Removal of Children
  • Failure to Keep a Child in Familiar Surroundings
  • Failure to Offer a Fair Trial
  • Foster Care Abuse
  • Improper Prosecution a Parent

Who Can Hire a Charleston DSS Attorney

Depending on the nature of each individual case, numerous parties may be able to begin proceedings against the state. When a child is wrongfully taken from parents, or a home, the parents may seek legal representation. However, sometimes the courts will hear from the following parties as well:

  • Non-Custodial Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts or Uncles
  • Adult Siblings
  • Legal Guardians
  • Foster Parents

When to Seek Legal Help

If your child was wrongly taken from you, don’t delay getting legal assistance. Time is of the essence, and your child may need an advocate to ensure he or she is placed with a relative until you can be reunited. While it’s important to cooperate with authorities, you may also need guidance during the interview process to ensure fair treatment. It’s worthwhile to have representation during this understandably emotional ordeal, and having an experienced attorney on your side may help stop additional problems before they even start. Some cases have a statute of limitations as well, so if you think you have a case, schedule a consultation promptly.

Charleston DSS Child Neglect Attorney

Children belong in healthy homes, and our goal is to facilitate that when the system fails. We will serve as an advocate for both you and your child, and we have the litigation experience to back you up throughout proceedings. While government agencies may have been put in place to help children, when they get it wrong the results are disastrous and life-altering. Bringing DSS child neglect cases to light serves a dual-purpose. It ensures justice is served for each family, and it helps put an end to similar heart-wrenching cases. Contact our office via the online form or speak immediately to one of our lawyers by calling 1 (800) 610-2546.