The first days after suffering a workplace injury can be confusing and worrisome. There are health concerns and medical bills to deal with on top of the realization that it could be a long time before you’re able to work again (if ever). This is not the time to add to that stress by trying to navigate alone the confusing world of workers’ compensation claims.
For a lucky few, employers are cooperative, insurers are helpful and the entire process is completed quickly and painlessly. Unfortunately, that scenario is more of an ideal than a reflection of how most workers’ comp claims proceed. When you are injured on the job, it’s not the time to hope for the best-case scenario. It’s the time to protect your rights and get an attorney who has record of success in pursuing workers’ comp claims.
The Clore Law Group has years of experience in helping people who have been injured in the workplace receive the compensation they deserve. And sometimes we work with other workplace attorneys to get the best results possible. We understand the process and pitfalls in workers’ comp claims, and will fight for your rights and your interests.

Filing a Workplace Injury Claim

It starts with the paperwork, which can be intimidating to most people. Incident reports, medical reports, and everything that goes into pursuing a claim through your employer—the papers build up and can make your feel confused or overwhelmed. This is where many claims start to go awry. At Clore Law Group, we begin by going through all of your paperwork and setting out what you need to pursue a successful claim. We look at the type of injury suffered, what medical treatments have been performed (and what the future treatment plan is), how much income has been lost because of the injury, and other important factors.

About Workplace Injuries

Taking all of these and the South Carolina workers’ compensation laws into consideration, we calculate what your rights are under the circumstances and what you are entitled to under the law.
We understand that some of the challenges in seeking help with a worker’s compensation claim are purely practical; it can be hard to get to a law office when you’re recovering from an injury, especially if you have to rely on public or alternate transportation. That’s why we will come to you. Our attorneys will meet with you at your convenience, take the time to listen to your needs and priorities, and make those the centerpiece of your claim.

Contact a Workplace Injury Lawyer

In the end, you want maximize the result of your claim, and to do so you need the help of a firm that has handled many such cases and which understands what can be gained under similar circumstances. If you’ve suffer a workplace injury and need experienced representation, contact Clore Group today.