When you think about it, a jury is a revolutionary concept; twelve ordinary people from all walks of life come together to decide on the merits of a case. The most amazing thing is—as any practicing lawyer or judge will tell you—the jury system works. With an astounding level of consistency and frequency, this cornerstone of our legal system has a way of ferreting out a fair and just decision.

Ensuring the right to a trial by jury was so important to the delegates at the Constitutional Convention that the Constitution was not ratified until this right and the ten other enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights were added. There have been numerous efforts by politicians to tinker with the jury system ever since, but it remains a right in most civil lawsuits.

Your Right to a Trial by Jury

If you are considering pursuing a civil suit, no matter what the claim, you need to think about your strategy should your case go to trial.

In the field of law, there are some attorneys who never darken the door of a courtroom. At Clore Law Group, we go into every case with a strategy that includes preparing for a jury trial, if necessary. Unlike other firms that may look for the easy settlement, we are committed to fighting to the fullest for your rights.

A strong litigation team is your best asset to your civil case. At Clore Law Group, we have experienced trial lawyers who know how to present your case to a jury and prevail. We are passionate about fighting for our clients and look forward to the opportunity to make your case in court.

About the 7th Admendment

Litigation can be tough; it requires a great deal of preparation and a sound knowledge of what to look for throughout the process, from jury selection all the way to closing arguments. We never shy away from cases that are unlikely to settle in the early stages. Instead, we work with you, putting your interests first and always working to get you the compensation you deserve.

Charleston Trial Attorneys

At Clore Law Group, our attorneys will do everything we can to get you a fair settlement before trial. If that isn’t feasible, our experienced trial team is ready and willing to do what it takes to give you your best chances in court. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a negligent accident, contact us today for a free consultation.