The personal injury attorneys at Clore Law Group remain focused on advocating for the rights of those harmed by the negligent and reckless actions of others. If you have been forced to undergo surgeries or rehabilitation because of your injuries, have lost wages, garnered medical bills, or have suffered permanent disabilities, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

The American Bar Association provides handy public resources to understand personal injury claims but the specifics of each case vary, and you will need to discuss your claim with an attorney.

Charleston Personal Injury Representation


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We know how detrimental a personal injury can be to your life and the lives of your family members. Because of this, Clore Law Group fights for the injured and their families to hold negligent parties responsible, and to obtain the maximum financial compensation possible.  Whether you have been harmed in a car wreck, by a health care provider, with a medication, by a faulty medical device, or from any other wrongful means, we will evaluate your case and guide you through the complex legal process and try to help you get the compensation you deserve.
If you have suffered a brain injuryy, burns, paralysis, serious back injuries, or other harm, or if you or a loved one has been injured by negligent nursing home staff, by a defective drug or negligent healthcare professional, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, including to help you financially recover from losing work days, accruing medical expenses, or from the costs of changing how you go about the activities of daily living.

The Clore Law Group is focused on helping those who have been harmed by the negligent acts of others. We have the skills, experience, and resources to handle all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from:

Clore Law Group also represents those who are injured by: slip and fall accidents, falling objects, unsafe premises, and dangerous or poorly maintained property. The law states that those who own property have a responsibility to keep it safe or properly warn of dangers; if they fail, they may be liable for the injuries someone suffers.

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Clore Law Group has a reputation built on success and a determination to advocate for those who have suffered injuries due to someone else’s conduct. We know how badly a serious injury can impact your life and the lives of those you love, and we understand you may need answers before you can focus on your recovery. We fight to get those answers, and to hold the negligent party accountable for their behavior. We work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Call Clore Law Group now for a free case evaluation.

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