Hurricane Damage Claim Lawyer

The Clore Law Group has lived through many hurricanes along with others in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and the rest of the lowcountry. Prevention is key to preventing or reducing the damage from a hurricane. When prevention cannot withstand to force of a hurricane, lowcountry residents call their insurance companies to file various damage claims. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny claim or offer estimates for repair that cannot afford the needed repairs.

When your insurance company tries to short change your claim, you’ll need an experience attorney to get the maximum compensation due under the terms of your insurance policy. The Charleston attorneys at the Clore Law Group are such skilled litigators. They work on contingency, so they only get paid when you do.

Hurricane Damage Prevention Resources

To best serve the Lowcountry, Clore Law Group compiled the following resources to help home and business owners prepare for hurricanes and prevent hurricane damage.

  • Hurricane Damage Prevention Tips
  • Roof Damage Checklist
  • Re-roofing Checklist
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Basement Flood Prevention
  • Water Damage Solutions

The Charleston Lawyers at the Clore Law Group know that some hurricanes are too powerful and will cause damage regardless of your best efforts in prevention. When the insurance company is reluctant to pay the full compensation your well paid premiums entitle you to, call the Clore Law Group.

Charleston Hurricane Damage Lawyer

Charleston natives are accustomed to the impressive destructive power of hurricanes, but there is not getting used to the reluctance of insurance companies to pay for the hurricane damages cover under your insurance policy. The Clore Law Group frequently receive calls regarding disputes of estimates offer for wind and water damage,  flood damages, and mold. These disputes are commonly refereed to as homeowner insurance claims disputes or coverage disputes.

Charleston and Lowcountry business are not immune to the damages from hurricanes. Business owners and managers find themselves in a similar dispute at work as they do at home when they file a claim for commercial property damage. Businesses may have additional coverage called business interruption insurance. Unfortunately for the policy holders, they find buying the insurance is far easier than receiving the benefits after hurricane damage.

Hurricanes impact Charleston businesses long after the storm passes. Let the Clore Law Group handle the insurance company when you or your business has hurricane damage.


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