Manufacturers of harmful drugs and supplements can often be held liable for injuries and deaths resulting from their product or the side effects of their product. Companies have a duty to the general public to produce safe products. They must design, test, manufacture, and package a product properly for the safety of their customers. Proving drug manufacturer responsibility for a harmful product is complicated and costly.

Why are so many harmful drugs being prescribed?

Dangerous Drugs Lawyer CharlestonDrug manufacturers have placed increased pressure on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for faster approvals and a less strict testing process. They argue lives can be saved with less regulation. The FDA admits not all serious adverse drug reactions are documented by the time a drug is marketed. The safety profile for new drugs that come on the market is not totally defined when the drug hits the market. In short, the FDA lacks the manpower, resources and ability to perform comprehensive testing on all drugs before they reach consumers who place their trust in drug company promises.

In the competitive business that is drug manufacturing, some companies have gone so far as to purposefully hide evidence from the FDA in order to a get a drug approved. When companies place profits before safety, they should be held responsible for injuries and death resulting from their product. Proving responsibility against a powerful company who already has FDA approval is a task for skilled law firms. If you’ve suffered harmful side effects from a recalled or relabeled drug, we can help. Even if the medication has not been previously deemed harmful, you may still have a claim.

If you have suffered a listed side effect, get medical attention fast; drug reactions may warrant a 911 call. Tell the doctor about all medications you are taking. When you can return home, gather all the packaging for the product. If symptoms persist, make a log including doctors’ office visits and any other relevant information. Next, schedule an appointment with an attorney experienced with dangerous drug cases. At Clore Law you can expect compassionate legal counsel. We’ll explain the process during your free case evaluation. If we represent you, we earn our fees when we win your case. Contact us today to discuss your harmful drug claim.

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