A lot of elderly people rely on other people to care for their health requirements and daily living. With medical advancements and also a expanding aged adult population, a lot of assisted living facilities tend to be overloaded and attempt to save money plus boost earnings by means of understaffing or by employing untrained staff. Negligent treatment will be the outcome of an Elder Care Facility opting to understaff or hiring unqualified individuals. Elderly care facility deaths can result from a number of circumstances, which include Malnutrition, dehydration, infections, bedsores, medication mistakes, falls, fractures, and failures to medicate or monitor are among the premiere reasons behind deaths in nursing homes..

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) found that “more than one-fourth of nursing homes presented insufficiencies which brought on actual harm to patients or put them at risk of loss of life or catastrophic injury” and that most of these reports of actual injuries “represented critical care problems . . . like pressure sores, broken bones, serious weight-loss, and fatality.” These types of issues were the results of inferior staffing, inferior instruction, or perhaps elder abuse.

By keeping nursing homes fiscally responsible, they are forced to satisfy their obligations to seniors. The South Carolina nursing home wrongful death neglect attorneys at the Clore Law Group have effectively secured settlement for people who have lost family as a result of nursing home mistreatment and negligence. Via litigation, the team of nursing home neglect lawyers have compelled changes to circumvent additional cases of neglect and abuse as well as have worked to make sure that future people of assisted living centers shall be treated with appropriate self-worth and regard.

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Should you have lost someone you care about because of elder care, communicate with the Clore Law Group LLC for a FREE CONSULTATION with an knowledgeable and compassionate South Carolina nursing home mistreatment wrongful death lawyer.

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