Attorneys focused spinal injury and other catastrophic personal injury claims have a unique skill set focused on the needs of injury victims. The Injury attorneys at the Clore Law Group understand the need to effectively resolve our clients’ claims and maximize their recoveries.

Spinal Injury is commonly the result of sudden blows to the back, neck or head. These often occur in motorcycle accidents, falls from heights, trucking accidents or other similar accidents. They are also caused by damage to the spinal cord during surgery or because of a medical ailment.Whatever caused your spinal injury, the result is devastating. You may suffer minor paralysis of the limbs, or you may be completely paralyzed and require extensive medical care throughout the remainder of your life. The Charleston spinal injury lawyers at Clore Law Group conduct thorough investigations into the cause and effects of your injury. While the damage cannot be reversed, the Clore Law Group is committed to helping you rebuild your life by seeking the justice you deserve.

Charleston Spinal Injury Law Suit

Clore Law Group works hard to obtain answers, compensation, and justice for people who have suffered a life-altering spinal injury, such as:

They understand that our injured clients are overcoming some of the most difficult times in their life. They are here to offer legal support and guidance while striving to obtain compensation to reduce the financial strain of such catastrophic injuries.

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Although they try spinal injury cases across South Carolina, their Charleston law office is not a large impersonal law office. They are able to assure that each client works personally with the attorney he or she hires. The lawyers and staff offer you the individualized care and attention you deserve.Whether you have been involved in an auto accident or other severe accident in South Carolina, you can trust in the Clore Law Group We provide you with the honest guidance you need while aggressively protecting your interests. Contact our spinal injury lawyers for a free case assessment.

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