The burn injury  attorneys at The Clore Law Group LLC not only look at the causes of fires in searching for compensation for our clients, but also hold product manufacturers accountable for products which are excessively flammable. These flammable products cause fires to spread quickly, causing serious injury and death. Included are upholstered furniture, sofas, couches, mattresses, polyurethane foam, hardwood plywood paneling, acrylic bath tubs, and mobile homes.

South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyers

burn injury lawyer charlestonThe treatment of burns is very painful and the last affect can include reduction of range of motion. First degree burns, second degree burns, and third degree burns are different types of burns commonly dealt with at this Charleston law firm. They range in severity from least (first degree burns) to most serious (third degree burns and upwards). However, all burn injuries are serious – especially when they are received through no fault of your own. If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury due to someone else’s negligent or wrongful acts,  Clore Law Group  can help you procure the compensation you may deserve.

Types of Burn Injury in Charleston

Burns are complicated injuries; they affect not only the skin but muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and bone. Burns also affect body temperature, body fluids, dexterity, and physical appearance. A severe burn injury may have far-reaching consequences in terms of emotional and psychological damage. This damage may last for years. A Charleston burn injury lawyer may be able to help you receive long-term financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

If you work in South Carolina and have been burned on the job in a construction accident or other accident, you may need guidance and, most likely, an attorney: medical, rehabilitative, and reconstructive costs for burn victims are astronomical. Advancements in research and reconstructive techniques have reduced the mortality rate and given new hope to living victims, but finding the necessary funding for this care is difficult. Contact Clore Law Group for help if you’ve suffered a burn Injury.

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