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A form of brachial plexus where a portion of a person’s upper brachial plexus nerve network becomes damaged, Erb’s palsy is most commonly attributable to trauma during birth. It causes children to lose mobility and feeling in one or both upper limbs, but is treatable if the injury is not severe.

Thankfully the effects are not always permanent, but an estimated 10% have long term effects parents should be aware of and prepare for.

If successful, treatment and management of Erb’s palsy in infants and young children can increase their mobility and fully or almost fully recover from their injury. Of course this ongoing medical care cost money, so it is important you consult an attorney to determine if you can pursue financial compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Erb’s Palsy Law Suit

If your baby was injured at birth and is exhibiting signs of Erb’s palsy, it is critical to seek proper medical care for them as soon as possible. Prompt action increases the likelihood your baby may be able to recover from their injuries—and it gives you official documentation you sought medical help and treatment for your child’s condition should you decide to pursue litigation.

Erb’s palsy litigation, like most birth injury claims, can be a long, arduous process. The attorneys at the Clore Law Group have the legal acumen and knowledge necessary to create strong arguments on your behalf of your child. Whether your cases is resolved before going to trial or it becomes necessary to pursue your case in a courtroom setting, we’ll do everything possible to protect your rights.

Experience Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

The Clore Law Group has earned helped other families recover financial damages following a negligent birth injury. Your consultation is free and we’ll accept your case on contingency basis if we believe your child’s injures were the result of negligence. Don’t wait any longer; there is a limited time frame to file a suit. If you don’t contact Clore Law Group, please contact another firm experienced in cased involving Erb’s Palsy.

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