Violent Sexual Assault: 5 Misconceptions

Sexual assault is one of the most traumatizing experiences a person can have in their lifetime. It incurs long-lasting emotional and psychological damage on victims, leading to depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Despite the relative frequency of various sexual assault crimes, there remains many misconceptions about this particular offense. Untangling these myths is crucial to increasing awareness, as it will … Read More

6 Birth Injuries That May Be a Result of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a diverse field that can encompass a wide range of situations. However, one of the most common claims that fall under the umbrella of malpractice is the matter of birth injuries. While every birth mishap cannot be considered a legitimate reason to bring forth a claim, there are certain conditions that could very well have been caused … Read More

Doctors Gone Wrong: Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

Every day, Americans suffer from the harmful side effects of defective drugs released by pharmaceutical companies that are allegedly approved as “safe” by the FDA. However, many of these drugs can (and often do) cause long-term health risks that inflict harm on consumers, including exorbitant medical fees, abnormal pain and suffering, and so forth. These types of situations can be … Read More

Top 2 Major Causes of Non-Driving Car Accidents

Contrary to popular belief, car accidents are not only caused by distracted and negligent drivers. They may also be incurred due to environmental factors and circumstances that are not directly within one’s control. While texting and drunk driving are certainly among some of the most preventable causes of car accidents, there are non-driver related causes as well. Self-awareness is the … Read More

Unwanted Contact: 5 Types of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is loosely defined as any unwanted sexual contact, but it comprises of a wide range of situations. When most people think of sexual assault, they think of the most drastic scenarios like rape or incest; however, sexual assault takes many forms and victims have a right to lawful recourse in a number of situations that are not as … Read More

What Constitutes a Legitimate Medical Malpractice Claim?

Not every doctor’s mistake can be classified as malpractice. There are a variety of specific factors that must be taken into consideration if a claim of medical malpractice is to be considered valid. Definition of Medical Malpractice Medical malpractice is when a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional fails to competently perform his or her duties, resulting in patient injury. … Read More

Kids Taken Away After Possibly Falsified Drug Results

DSS falsified drug tests

In Laurens County, SC, the Department of Social Services is investigating a case where drug test results have possibly been falsified at the local branch of Accurate Diagnostics. What We Know  About Theses Drug Results Between January and October last year, the DSS claims that all drug test results from the diagnostics lab are questionable. Accurate Diagnostics’ duty is to take … Read More

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident injuries

There are a few issues victims of motorcycle accidents need to be aware of when they seek injury compensation. But first, let’s take a look at common causes of such accidents related injuries. Common Causes of a Motor Bike Crash The most frequent causes of such accidents include: Motorist error – motorists often don’t detect motorcycles that are riding very … Read More

Personal Injury at Work – Can You Claim?

personal injury lawyer charleston

If you have experienced a personal injury at your workplace, chances are you’ve been told the only compensation you’re entitled to will come from the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. This is certainly the general rule, but there are exceptions. Situations Where You May Be Able to Sue for A Personal Injury You may be able to claim if you have … Read More

Your Smartphone Could Be a Savior After a Car Accident

car accident lawyer charleston

If you already suffered a personal injury in a car accident, now could be a little too late, but here is some essential advice for the future. If you want the perfect tool right on hand should you crash and to ensure you document everything you possibly can to make sure your claim goes smoothly, chances are you already have … Read More