It’s important for people to know that the employees of a nursing home are responsible for providing them or their loved one with proper medical care. This means that a nursing home resident is expected to meet the standard of care throughout their stay. However, there are unfortunate incidents where the employees of a nursing home neglect to care for their patients as they should. In these instances, the resident (or their family member) can hold the nursing home accountable for their mistake.

Nursing Home Neglect Cases Involving Bedsores

Cases involving bedsores are the among the most frequent nursing home neglect claim brought to court. Sadly, some nursing home employees either forget or don’t want to shift a nursing home resident as often as they should. When someone is unable to get out of bed for any length of time they require assisted position changes to prevent the pressure on their skin from causing an injury. Someone who is restricted to their bed will need to be shifted several times per day, usually every 4 to 6 hours. If this is not done during this time frame, the resident will likely develop bedsores. This type of injury is a direct result of neglect, which is why many people who develop bedsores take the nursing home in question to court over their negligence.

Compensation for Nursing Home Neglect

Those who suffered bedsores while staying in a nursing home should get in touch with a lawyer that has experience with these cases. A lawyer that has successfully won these types of cases in the past is more likely to be familiar with the law regarding nursing home care.

The nursing home resident who sustained bedsores will likely need to be transported to a hospital for further care. There’s even a good chance that they will have to stay in that hospital for a few days until the sore has healed properly. Being transported to a hospital and treated for a few days can be expensive; victims should not have to pay medical bills resulting from an injury which could have easily been avoided. A good lawyer will be able to prove that the nursing home in question did not provide care as they should have been, resulting in their client’s injuries. The nursing home will the be obligated to pay for the victim’s medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Contact us today if you or your loved one has gotten bedsores while residing in a nursing home in the state of South Carolina. There’s no need to risk being stuck with medical bills that you should never have had to deal with in the first place when there are law firms that can get you the compensation you deserve.